After-sales service of X-Ray security inspection equipment

Shanghai Imaging Security 's after-sales team has always been adhering to solid work, diligent and sincere quality, and concentrated display of a high degree of dedication and professionalism. 

Quality Assurance

As an ordinary member of the enterprise, the staff from Shanghai Eastimage are down-to-earth, conscientious, diligent and perfect in their ordinary jobs, they have no bold words, no great achievements, but they use actual actions to interpret the spirit of ownership and accumulate a common sense with time. The brilliance of the screws confirms the philosophy of life where gold shines everywhere. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and it's our duty to fix it in place.

Good Service

Shanghai Imaging Security 's after-sales footprint has traveled almost all parts of the motherland. From installation and commissioning, user training, life-long maintenance to regular inspections, it provides systematic services, and strengthen maintenance during major holidays to ensure the operation of equipment, timely feedback on the use of products on site, and keep in touch with customers closely, then patiently explain. According to the on-site situation, put forward suggestions for improvement to ensure that each security checkpoint configuration meets customer requirements, and propose solutions for different problems raised by customers, which have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.

At Any Time

Shanghai Imaging Security's after-sales personnel still provide 24/7 technical support through telephone, email and remote access. In addition, for customers who need on-site maintenance support, our technical staff will also focus on the solution to ensure that our equipment is running properly and wear masks to ensure customer safety.